I’m delighted that you’ve joined me. While you’re here, you can browse a list of my books, check out my posts where each week you’re going to find something different – a little poetry, a little inspiration, and some guest blogs by amazing writers.
I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy The World of Josee Renard.

7 Responses to Welcome

  1. Loraine Hunziker says:

    What a great way to get to know your fans and fellow readers! Brilliant idea!

    Have a wonderful day! Wishing you a great weekend!


  2. Daviena Lloyd says:

    WOW! Is it hot in here? Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Keep it up.

  3. Sebrina Cassity says:

    I adore everything I’ve had the chance to read. And looking forward to reading more in the future.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I liked the selection of part-time lovers. They reallycaught my eye.You write in a wide range of subjects. So that tells me you aregifted with the pen.

  5. ilove goodies and then i brag on them psot them all over the net for all

  6. Nannie Katherine Maharrey says:

    I’ve started a ladies (adult) book club. I love your books. your a awesome author. Can’t put your books down.. Huge fan, N.k.M.

  7. Jessie L says:

    What a great idea! You are a new author to me & this is one of the reasons I like to participating in blog hops. It usually takes me a while because I check out the blog & wander. LOL
    I will be adding your books to my TBRs.

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