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Some of Josee’s Reviews:

Bound By Passion

“Other than that, I liked them both, and thought their angst and anguish at being apart was very real. I could feel their pain as well as their joy.”  More from Manic Readers.

“But saying this…… This book is a great read! Oh gosh… in such a short story, Josee gave me what was needed to make this story work! It is kinda heart-wrenching… I mean, you are sorta left feeling sorry for Thea because she spends the best month of her life with the man of her dreams… and then he is gone from her life and she has no idea where or what happened to him… “  More From All I Want and More


Enchanted is like a Valentine’s Day Card – a brief reading that at its ending makes you smile.” More from Dark Haven Book Reviews.

“The only problem…I wanted more!” More from Delighted Reader

“It’s steamy, erotic, and fun all at the same time, even has a little bit of magic in it. What’s not to love?”  More from The Forbidden Bookshelf

Enchanted is a very short read, sexy and funny. I loved the characters, and the hot scenes had me squirming.” More from You Gotta Read Reviews

That’s What Friends Are For

“In three words my expression, it was incredible.” More from Smutty Dirty Bitch

Treat Myself

“This book may be short but it is not sweet…it’s hot!”  More from The Romance Reviews

“The interaction between Mercy, Ian, and Andrew is tender yet very sexy. You are never sure who is really in charge…Mercy or the guys! In the end, it doesn’t matter who is really in charge because everyone is left happy!”  More from The Forbidden Bookshelf

Kiss Lonely Goodbye

“is a very quick story that reminds us how much we need human interaction and the intimate touches of others.” More from Sizzling Hot Books

“This was an expressive short story that left me with a smile on my face and a feeling of contentment at its conclusion.” More from Got Erotic Romance

Knocks Me Off My Feet

“It left me with the warm fuzzies!” More from Brief Encounters Reviews.

What’s New,  Pussycat?

“A 24-page dynamo. I loved it.”  More from the Romance Reviews

The Dressing Room

“Overall, I’d say this story was a fun, hot read. An excellent character sketch and an intriguing plot line.”  More from the Romance Reviews

Winter Warming

” I enjoyed the sensual buildup between these characters.  Imagine having intense feelings for someone for a year and then finally being able to act on them” More from Joyfully Reviewed

“I found this to be wonderfully written and enjoyed reading Jude’s fear transfrom to hope.” More from Sensual Reads

The Magician

“THE PLEASURE CLUB – THE MAGICIAN is an enchanting book that takes magic to a new universe.    Josée Renard is a favorite author I always enjoy experiencing.”  More from Book Reviews by Suzie

The Chef

“A sweet, enjoyable story that is hot and spicy at the same time. Who could ask for more?” More from The Romance Studio

Interviews with Josee:

Guest Posting on  Novel Thoughts

What Inspires Me?, Guest Post with Nadia Lee

Inside Josee’s Mind, an Interview by Eden Baylee

Guest Author, an Interview by Viki Lyn

Interview by Emily Cale

Interview by Happily Ever After Thoughts

Stranger Sex, a guest blog at Red Lipstick Journals

Talking about Heroes, a guest blog at The Enchanted Book

Interview by Sex Marks the Gspot

Author Page at Night Owl Reviews

Interview by Ebony Dreams

A sweet, enjoyable story that is hot and spicy at the same time. Who could ask for more?


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