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I want to write this painting by William Harnett from 1888. Books and a violin and a newspaper, who could resist it? It’s over 100 years old, yet still as true as the day it was painted. Josee Advertisements

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Art inspires me…

Carl Schaefer’s Ontario Farmhouse. I can remember the first time I saw this painting – in the National Gallery in Ottawa. I was there for a few days from Toronto and I went back every single day to see this … Continue reading

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It’s public

One of the great things about living in a city like Vancouver is that we have, especially since the Olympics, a whole lot of public art. There are sculptures all over the place, interesting art that comments on the history … Continue reading

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The Art of Sport

In some ways, I’m a very girly girl. I write women’s fiction and erotica for women. I read romance and love romantic movies. I do my hair and makeup every single morning whether anyone will see me or not. I … Continue reading

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The Body Beautiful

There’s something fascinating about the nude in the visual art world – from the most realistic to the perfection that doesn’t feel like reality at all. From sculpture to prints to paintings to photography – nudes allow the creator to … Continue reading

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The many forms of lust.

I’ve been in the art business on or off for most of my grown-up life and over those years I’ve collected a whole lot of art, from paintings to sculpture to photographs to prints. For me it’s not about cost or … Continue reading

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