Books – Enchanted Series

The three D’s – Delia, Deborah and Dorothea, are witches, though they hide their magic behind a Web site, MatchMagic, tying themselves to the kite strings of the top dating sites. The packages offered to an ever-growing and ever-gullible list of clients were, plain and simple, magic. Love magic. But even though they dress it up with a pretty bow, with all kinds of fancy language, it’s still magic.

But the three women honestly believe in the power of passion. For them, it’s the foundation of all good things between a man and a woman. They’d had it with their men, and they wanted it for everyone.
Signing up with MatchMagic gets you more than a date, it gets you magic.


Cobblestone Press
Feb 2012

Valentine’s Day is Tonia’s least favorite holiday, though it’s a big piece of the family business, a dating Web site called MatchMagic—a business she tries desperately to avoid. Her love life has always been a disaster and so, even though she’s been lusting after James and Jeff, who run the bakery around the corner from her apartment, she’s avoided getting involved. Now, thanks to her great-aunt Dorothea and her real magic, Tonia can’t resist them any longer. She’s going to spend her Valentine’s Day showing James and Jeff just what one woman can do with two handsome men.

Enchanted Spring

Cobblestone Press
Mar 2012

When Jamieson receives an invitation to do some promotion for a dating site called MatchMagic, he says yes, but he’ll need a little help. Connie’s lost her job, so when one of the owners of MatchMagic ask if she’s interested in a job, she doesn’t hesitate.

But MatchMagic is more than just a website—it’s run by three real witches who are happy to test that magic on the two of them. Working with Jamieson isn’t easy, dreaming of licking him all over makes it impossible.

When Jamieson and Connie give in to the magic, their working day becomes combustible.