Light and Shadow, Up and Down

This photo – which I love – was one I took on one of my trips through the city this week.

June 8 photo 1

I’m fascinated by light and shadow and I seem to take a whole lot of photographs about it. And today, for some reason, I’m thinking about how the world works, how we think about things, how things happen to us or because of us. I often think of Alice Munro (great Canadian short story writer), when I’m contemplating life.


Because life is so different from story and so much of my life is wound up in creating story. Alice (if I may call her that) says that when you’re writing, what you want to do is create a story that has a whole lot of ups and downs, light and shadow – see my diagram below:

June 8 photo 3

But I suspect that almost all of us would prefer to have a life like this:

June 8 photo 2

Right now, perhaps because I’m subconsciously focusing on my writing rather than my life, I seem to be living some version of photo #3 and it’s exhausting. Up and down, light and shadow. But now that I’m aware of it, I’m going to see if I can change things a little bit so that I can shift slowly to the slightly less volatile version of life as seen in photo #2.

Wish me luck.

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