Dazed and confused


I’ve spent the last three or four weeks in a state of complete confusion – no, not because I’ve been ill or partying or any of the other things that generally lead to this state, but because I’ve been so busy.

It hasn’t been the physical part of being busy that’s discombobulated me, rather, it’s been the mental part. Yes, I have been frantically busy running from place to place, trying to finish up organizing and unpacking at home, but that’s mostly entertaining.

What has got me frazzled is the sheer number of thinking things I have on my plate. I like being busy. I like having lots of different things going on. I’m an Aries, so I’m easily bored. I also had a period in my life where I said no to practically everything and wound up being a hermit. I chose, at that time, to generally say yes. And I still do that.

The trouble with that habit is this…

I say yes to two or three or four things, a number I feel I can handle comfortably. And then along comes something (or in this case, many somethings) that I can’t (and some I don’t want to) avoid – it might be social, a visit to an old friend who is losing her sight or a birthday dinner with a date that can’t be changed. It might be work, someone is ill or on vacation and I have to fill in, or an office that’s closing up and needs to be done by a particular date.

These past couple of months has been a perfect storm of all sorts of things I can’t avoid.

Work was perhaps the biggest component of that – it’s heading into summer and people are taking vacation and my second (very small) office is closing up for the end of May. Many, many extra hours required in both cases.

But then add in the social. Friends I haven’t seen in months, birthdays, family events I need to attend. I love them all but…

And my word for the year was diversification – which is what I’m doing. So I have a couple of new projects on the go and those take more time.

So here I am – dazed and confused and feeling that I need, more than anything else, to get organized. Get control. Get some time to do absolutely nothing.

This is where I want to be.

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