The Rejections We Wish We Had Received


Getting rejected is a big part of being a writer. If you’re serious about a career in writing, you send your work out. If you send your work out, you’re going to get rejected. The thing is, no matter how careful the editors are to point out the good things about your writing, no matter how positive the rejection is, we remember the fact of the rejection. And rejection hurts.

So I’ve created a short list of rejections that might just work to make us feel better.

5.         I love your book, and if it weren’t that we have a full slate of books set out for the next fifty years (we’re a house that likes to play ahead, way, way ahead), we’d definitely buy this one.

4.         I feel like I know your characters intimately. They’re well-rounded (in more ways than one J) and, while I personally love voluptuous women, our readers tend to be more interested in stick figures. Sorry. They’re wrong, not you.

3.         This book is way too well written for our publishing house. We tend to publish books that are quickly written and it’s obvious to us that you’ve spent years crafting the perfection that is this book.

2.         Our lead author has just submitted a book that is very similar in theme to yours, though yours is a much better story. We have, however, already given him an advance for this book and, sadly, must publish his rather than yours.

1.         Your book, which I loved, spawned a battle royale in our submission meeting last month. I championed your book because it’s probably the best thing I’ve read in years but it is not going to be published by us. Not in years, but in decades. In fact, it’s the best book I’ve ever read. I no longer have a job, but it was worth it to have read your story.


Photo Credit:By Stuart Miles, published on 11 April 2012
Stock Image – image ID: 10079675

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