What not to wear in downtown Vancouver


  • Good looking guys in good looking suits with the pants ending somewhere around their ankles. Often, to make matters worse, their socks end right around the middle of their ankle bone, leaving bare skin exposed. Yuck.
  • Yoga gear – Vancouver is home to Lululemon so everyone here loves yoga pants and tops. Hey, even I do. But not downtown where your clients or colleagues might see you.
  • Ski jackets. Yeah, yeah, if you’re a tourist, you can wear whatever you want, but wearing a ski jacket to the office? Not if you want to get that promotion.
  • The clothes – or lack thereof – that your mother would only allow you to wear to walk your dog. And especially if she’d let you wear them only after dark.
  • Pajama bottoms. What is that all about?
  • Uggs and pajama bottoms. Even worse.
  • Skirt and jacket with a tank that exposes your belly button ring.
  • Nose piercings. Lip piercings. Eyebrow piercings.
  • Bicycle shorts. Short shorts. Golf shorts. Gym shorts. Any shorts of any kind with white socks unless, of course, you’re a tourist.
  • Evening attire is only necessary when you’re actually going to an evening party, not when you’re going to the office.
  • Steel-toed boots and hard hats are only appropriate if you’re actually building something or a member of the Village People.

I’m not kidding you, I’ve seen every single one of these things in the past twenty-four hours. I’m probably forgetting some of the milder infractions.

The thing that I notice most? The very occasional well-dressed person, male or female. I want to turn around and follow them because they’re exceptional. Wonderful. Fascinating. And this in a city that I swear has more per capita high-end designer clothing stores than almost any city in the world.


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