Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle: Falke’s Renegade


I don’t often do reviews, and it’s seldom that I run across two books in a week that I want to write about, obviously, this week is an exception.

Falke’s Renegade is the third book in Layle and Keaton’s Puma Nights series. I read the first two, really enjoyed them, but there’s just something about this third book in the series that caught me.

Heidi Falke comes from a long line of puma shifters, shifters who have a very particular way of keeping that line going. It requires two male shifters and one female – the trouble for Heidi is that there’s only one family of puma shifters and all the males in it are her brothers. Oh, yeah, and then there’s the other problem – only the male shifters can actually shift.

Sucks being Heidi, doesn’t it?

But all that changes when a hunter brings an injured black jaguar into her veterinary office and she realizes right away that he’s also a shifter. What she doesn’t know is that Javier Montero is the last third of a shifter triad – his brother and mate and child were murdered and he’s spent the past two searching for the man who killed them.

What happens between Heidi and Javier isn’t easy. He’s a jaguar on a mission and is pretty certain that he’ll never mate again. Heidi’s brothers and fathers are pretty adamant that Javier is big trouble and Heidi’s not sure that she wants to settle for just a lover – the Falke family has a tradition of finding the one.

Heidi and Javier have to prove to her family, to themselves – and to each other – that they’re worthy of becoming mates. How they do it makes for a terrific story.

And did I forget to mention how incredibly sexy this book is? You’re going to love it.


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