Back again…


I’ve just started writing a story called Best Friends Forever? It’s going to be longer than much of the erotica I’ve written earlier and the length makes it possible for me to really tell the stories of the characters.

And I love these characters.

In fact, the story began with their names. I started out with Darcy’s name—I’m not sure where it came from, but she sprang almost full grown into my mind. With her came her BFF, Ethan. The two of them have been friends since grade school. And then, just to make things interesting, Ford showed up at Ethan‘s gym.

It’s funny, because I love writing short stories and novellas, but I’ve been wanting to try something a little bit longer as Josee. My alter ego, Kate, writes novels, but Josee hasn’t done that and it’s going to be interesting to see how I can take an erotic story and sort of merge it into the character building I’ve done with other novels.

Stories for me always begin with words. Sometimes it’s names, like Best Friends Forever?. It might begin with a phrase I hear on the radio or see in a book or a magazine. The Demon Next Door stories started that way. I didn’t see exactly those words but I did see something similar that, in conjunction with a conversation about demons, got me started on that series. I have a book of stories that all began with a piece of graffiti spray painted on a wall and I have many stories that started with overheard conversations.

I have friends who always begin stories with an idea. That never happens for me—at least it hasn’t yet. I suspect that the way I think—which tends to be emotional and abstract rather than concrete and organized—will stop me from ever beginning a story with a concept. I can just imagine the way I’d get stuck somewhere in the middle of it with a big fat glowing question mark in my head. Huh? What the heck are you doing? Remember the idea you started this with?

Other writers might begin with an outline. I never do that, either. I’ve tried it and the same thing happened. Huh? What the bleep are you doing? Remember the outline?

So I stick with what works—and Darcy and Ethan and Ford are coming along nicely. Getting them together isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to be fun—and very, very erotic.


P.S. The photo is the view from the beach outside Ford’s apartment.

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