Guest Post from Dara Ames

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest here. I appreciate the opportunity to network and meet your readers!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dara Ames, and “Married Ladies’ Erotica” is my brainchild. While the name is pretty self-explanatory – erotica featuring married couples – let me explain a bit about my journey.

I’ve always been an avid reader. It’s safe to say that reading is my favorite hobby. I read everything from true crime to romance fiction. And yep, I enjoy reading erotica from time to time. And though there’s no shortage of erotic fiction to choose from, I found it difficult to find stories that “suited” me.

You see, I wanted to read stories that I could imagine myself in, stories that were within the realm of possibility for my own life. I know many readers who love reading the heavy taboo erotic stories (multiple partners, swinging, and more), and while those stories meet the reading needs/preferences of lots of readers, I wanted something different. Hey, we’ve all got our favorite flavors, right?

One evening, as I was browsing the virtual shelves at Amazon, it occurred to me that I was probably not the only woman who would like to read erotic stories that more closely resembled something we might try in real life. I mean, after all, married women have the perfect “lab” when it comes to erotic situations, and how cool is it to read something, then give it a try? 😉

So, I decided to write the kind of stories I wanted to read. Writing and storytelling have always come naturally to me, and the vision was so clear in my mind that I figured it was worth a shot! Writing stories gives me the opportunity to grow creatively, as well as the chance to learn and hone the skill of fiction writing, and the older I get, the more I believe it’s vital that we NEVER stop learning.

“Married Ladies’ Erotic Romance” is not only about writing sexy stories featuring husbands and wives, it’s a creative outlet that I hope will be as satisfying for readers as it is for me.

I’ve just completed and published a trilogy of stories (The Sexy Sides Trilogy), featuring Jake and Emma. Married for 4 years, Jake’s always thinking of ways to keep their sex life hopping, and Emma’s the lucky recipient of his efforts. In “Poolside”, “Curbside”, and “Bedside”, we get a glimpse into the intimate life of this endearing married couple.

My goal is to provide sensual, romantic, erotic stories that include all the pulse-pounding sexiness you’ve come to expect from erotica, with all the “action” happening between spouses.

Connect with Dara Ames online at:

Twitter: @DaraAmes


You can purchase all 3 stories in The Sexy Sides Trilogy at Amazon:

“Poolside” –

“Curbside” –

“Bedside” –

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One Response to Guest Post from Dara Ames

  1. Dara Ames says:

    So happy to be a guest here today! Thanks Josee!

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