Interview with Hanna – Fireworks

The Winner of last weeks giveaway – Fireworks – was: Carin!

Josee:  Hanna, it’s great to see you. You’re looking very relaxed and tanned. What have you been doing with yourself?

Hanna:  Working, working, working. I had to shut down my business in Woodland, move what I needed to San Francisco, and organize the whole thing all over again.

Josee: Okay, but why are you looking so relaxed?

Hanna: (grinning) Two words: Dale. Morgan.

Josee: Hmmm, sounds exciting rather than relaxing.

Hanna: It’s both, but the comfort of the three of us building our home together makes every day a joy. We’re all frantically busy, Dale’s cooking up a storm, Morgan’s buying furniture, working with designers, I’m designing computer programs, keeping track of everything else for Triad, plus trying to buy furniture for the house.

Josee: First, tell me about the house. Then we’ll talk about Triad.

Hanna:  The house is gorgeous. The people who owned it before us did a huge amount of work and it looks as good, if not better, than it did when it was built over a hundred years ago. It’s right around the corner from Triad so that makes all of our lives much easier.

Josee: Furniture?

Hanna:  We’re buying practically everything – and we’re having closets built. Morgan and I are both shopping crazy so we’re turning two of the smaller bedrooms upstairs into walk in closets. Luckily, the master bedroom and bath are perfect and there are two smaller baths. We’ll each have our own closet – Dale gets the smallest one – and our own baths.

Josee: So tell me a little about Triad? When’s it going to open?

Hanna: Oh, you are going to love it. It’s the most beautiful space just down the street from us. The room has wooden floors, brick walls, and big gorgeous windows. Morgan’s just killing the design of it. And Dale’s menu? If I weren’t working like a maniac, I’d probably have gained twenty pounds testing it.

Josee:  Opening when?

Hanna:  Probably somewhere around the end of September. We don’t want to open in fog season, plus we don’t want to rush it. We want it to be perfect. You’ll be our first guest.

Josee:  I can hardly wait.

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One Response to Interview with Hanna – Fireworks

  1. Susan W. says:

    I would love to read more about Dale, Morgan and Hanna. Thanks for the chance to win!

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