Interview with Morgan – Fireworks

There really is something about men in uniform – or out of it! I’m interviewing Morgan – one-third of the triad in Fireworks (out from Cobblestone on the 15th of July).

Josee:  Morgan, why do you think it is that women (and men) are so attracted to men in uniform?

Morgan:  Don’t you think you should know? You wrote me, after all, but I’ll tell you since I understand you’re taking the summer off from thinking. Men in uniform (police, firefighters, military) have an authority that other men don’t. We’re disciplined, we’re fit, we’re confident. And women – and men – love that combination.

Josee:  Yum yum. Part of it for me is the whole bad boy thing as well. Men in uniform have an edginess that most men don’t have or try to conceal.

Morgan:  (laughing) Yeah, yeah. Listen, when you’ve been in combat for most of your grown up life, that edginess helps you stay alive. You gotta pay attention to everything that’s going on around you or you could get hurt or cause those around you – those other soldiers you’re responsible for – to be hurt.

Josee: Tell me a little about your relationship with Dale.

Morgan: We met when we were teenagers – both lost souls. We’ve been friends since that very first day. He’s the reason I enlisted; he’d always wanted to be in the military and if he was going to do it, so was I.

Josee: And now?

Morgan: Everything changed four years ago – at least for me. We had an incredible encounter with a woman when we had a few days’ leave together in Las Vegas. Wow – it was amazing. I mean, she was amazing, smart, funny, sexy, but for me? It was all about Dale. If you want to know what happens next, you’d better read Fireworks.

Josee: Thanks, Morgan. . I loved writing your story, Dale’s story, Hanna’s story, and I loved, still love, the idea of the website where you find Hanna – Don’t go to this website, though, I’ve just made it up. It would be cool if there was one.



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