Writing The Hero by Gabrielle Bissett

Thanks, Josee, for having me here today to talk about the heroes in my erotic paranormal romance series, The Sons of Navarus.  Heroes are possibly the most important character in an erotic romance.  Without a hero readers can fall in love with, the romance falls flat.

In the first book of the series, Blood Avenged, the hero is a vampire named Vasilije.  Actually, hero is a title he wears with some discomfort.  You see, Vasilije is a committed hedonist, so the idea of being a hero doesn’t really mesh well with his pursuit of pleasure.

He does end of as the hero, however, because along the way, the heroine, Sasa, shows him that the pursuit of pleasure doesn’t have to mean he has to live without love.  For Vasilije, this is a major change from the life he’s lived for centuries, but we all know what the love of a good woman can do for a man.

In the second book in the series, Blood Betrayed, the hero is a vampire named Saint.  Whereas Vasilije was a man constantly seeking pleasure for its own end, Saint is a man who can’t forget the love he lost years ago, the love of a vampire named Solenne.  Because of this, he’s spent his life as a vampire refusing to enjoy the pleasure of being with females of his own kind, instead choosing to lose himself in the human world with human women.  But nothing he does, no matter how many women he sleeps with, makes him forget Solenne.

Both men are heroes because of their actions, but even more so, Vasilije and Saint are heroes because of how they take care of their heroines.  Whether it be from rescuing them from the villains or being the loves of their lives, both characters are true heroes readers can fall in love with.

Thanks again to Josee for having me here today.  It’s been great!

For more information on the Sons of Navarus series and my two wonderful heroes, readers can go to:

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And look for Blood Betrayed’s release on May 24!

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  1. Thanks for having me here today, Josee!

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