Get Your Kink On by Justine Elyot

Did I hear a rumour that BDSM romance was popular just now? No. Surely not. BDSM romance has never been popular. It’s never been the hottest erotica genre and nobody has ever written a book featuring a love relationship between dominant and submissive partners…oh, except they have. Repeatedly and in every possible permutation, BDSM has Been Done.

So why are people writing as if it hasn’t?

Oh, because it’s never been at number one in the New York Times bestsellers chart. That’ll be it. But now it has been – courtesy of Fifty Shades of Grey, of course – I’m hoping that people will be hungry for more.

Serendipitously, I happen to have a BDSM romance out this very week. It’s called Kinky and it’s published by brand-spanking-new imprint HarperCollins Mischief. Here’s the set-up:

Kinky Cupcake is much more than a meeting place for like-minded BDSM enthusiasts – it’s an all-purpose play space with dungeons, boudoirs, role-play rooms galore. So when Rosie and her new friend Dimitri blag their way in, they know they are going to have to convince everyone that they’re a genuine scene couple. This isn’t easy, when you’ve known each other all of a few hours, but they give it their best shot.
The pleasures of domination and submission are explored, one by one, until Rosie and Dimitri’s faked dynamic becomes all too real. But how much of their emotional bond depends on their shared sensual experiences? And the truest test of their bond is whether they can be together outside Kinky Cupcake as well as inside its chambers.

It’s available from Amazon:
And from the Mischief website (with a free sample) in various e-formats:
Justine Elyot’s first novel, On Demand, was a UK erotica bestseller and since then she hasn’t stopped writing for publishers such as Black Lace, Xcite Books, Carina Press, Total E-Bound and Mischief. When she isn’t exercising her lurid imagination, she can be found chewing the fat on Twitter (!/JustineElyot). More information can be found at her website:
Many thanks to the lovely Josee for hosting me today – it’s been a pleasure.

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