Interview with Lexie Bay

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How does your day go? What keeps you writing?

I live in the South of England in a seaside town with my husband and two girl children. I have a regular 9-6 job as an Accounts Manager and I go to college too. My day starts early so that I can get the kids to school and it finishes late as I write most evenings. My family are used to me being behind on the laundry and the housework but I’m lucky that my husband helps out a lot. What keeps me writing even when I’m exhausted is that I love it so much. It’s a brilliant way to distress and I love where it takes me both in my head and in real life.

2. What brought you to writing erotica? What do you love about it?

I started writing when I was a teenager and my stories were always about love and romance, hot boys and sex. I always wanted someone gorgeous to fall desperately in love with me so I created lots of different boys on paper who would. I could create the perfect man with my writing, one who never cheated or lied or got bored of you, like the real ones did. I think that erotica was a natural progression from these first stories although I didn’t start to do it as more than a hobby until 2010 when I took the plunge and answered a call for submission by Lucy Felthouse

What I love about writing erotica is the raw human emotion you find in the stories. The images you can conjure up with descriptions of smells, sounds and tastes. I still create my fantasy man with every story and I love to get lost with my characters. It’s so much fun to create another world and another life where you control the outcome. Also I love that erotica covers every aspect of life; every situation can be turned into something naughty, so you don’t feel bound by any limits when you’re writing.

3. What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a couple of things. The first is a novella involving two childhood friends and a girl they meet on a road trip which leads to a whole heap of trouble, supernatural goings on and some dark secrets coming out. The second is a story based loosely around a popular talent show and some cute boyband hotties. I’m also in the middle of a submission for “Smut by the Sea” a project that Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse are putting together. I tend to have several stories going on at once as I have a very short attention span!

4. What is your—or your character’s—favorite erotic book? Sexy movie? Sex toy?

My favourite erotic book so far has to be Control by Charlotte Stein. I could read that over and over again and it never stops being the hottest thing ever. Charlotte draws such a vivid picture and the characters are so human and flawed. I totally love it! Saying that I didn’t start reading erotica properly until recently so I am always open to suggestions of new authors to read and new stories to discover, so if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great!

Favourite sexy movie is a bit harder. I adore True Romance, and while it’s not stereotypically sexy it’s such a wonderful love story. I also like Betty Blue, from the early eighties a film that I have watched over and over. These days I don’t watch as many films as I used to but I like sexy TV shows like True Blood.

Sex toy? I like anything that can add a fun element to a relationship, or that helps you step outside your normal life and enter into a fantasy world. I have to admit I would love to have my own dungeon but with two kids in the house it’s not very practical!

5. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do? The top thing on your personal bucket list?

The one thing I’ve always wanted to do has to be to give up my day job and spend every day writing. I’d have a gorgeous cottage by the sea or on a lake and I’d have so much more time to spend with my family. Other than that a couple of things come to mind; I’d love to do a roller coaster tour of America and become a Burlesque dancer in Vegas!

6. What’s your personal romantic (or erotic) fantasy?

My romantic fantasy would have to involve angels and demons and a love that lasted through time. Maybe I’d spice it up a little with some light bondage and a threesome somewhere along the line but there would definitely be a tall, dark, handsome man (think Dean Winchester from Supernatural) who would sweep me off my feet, fight to the death for me and spend every waking minute wondering when he could get me back into bed!

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