Who inspires me…

This morning I stopped at Tim Horton’s for oatmeal – which I do a couple of times a week. Much easier than making it at home.

And I ran into an acquaintance, as I often do, because he’s at Tim Horton’s every single morning. He’s 86 years old. His hair is reddish-blond (I suppose you’d call it strawberry blond) and curly and he’s got lots of it. He’s German but has been in Canada over 60 years and he only stopped working as a barber 5 or 6 years ago. I see him in the neighborhood almost every day, walking, chatting with friends, stopping for coffee or a donut.

He has the energy of a man 20 years younger and he loves life. I can see (and he tells me) that he enjoys his days whether it’s sunny, rainy or cold, he takes full advantage of each moment, and in our neighborhood, a busy downtown hip neighborhood full of young single people, he stands out.

He inspires me, gives me hope for the future, and he’s got the most beautiful smile.


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