The Tuesday Excerpt – Enchanted

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and have I got a steamy treat for you! My friend Anna Leigh Keaton both have new releases coming out tomorrow (and even though both of us publish often, we’ve never before shared a release date) so we thought we’d let you know about both releases. They’re short, hot stories that are all about love and lust and the big day. Below you’ll find a short excerpt from Enchanted (the first in an ongoing series of stories by me – you’ll have the interview with Delia on Thursday and she’ll be in all the stories) and a blurb from Anna Leigh’s Valentine Wish. I hope you enjoy both of them.

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, and Tonia, as always, was doing her best to ignore it. And her mother and grandmother. Their whinings about the holiday—and the way it screwed with their magic—made the top three of Tonia’s top ten reasons to hate Valentine’s Day.

Number One on the list was ex-husband Phil, who ran off with their dog, her jewelry, and the money in their joint bank account on the morning after the big day—taking with him the fake gold bracelet he’d given her for February 14 and as a much-belated birthday gift and the butter soft leather jacket she’d given him. Number Two was her high school boyfriend, who dumped her for the head cheerleader at the Sweetheart Dance.

Number Three with a bullet was the deadly duo of her mother, Delia, and grandmother, Deborah. They spent the month of February complaining about how the love hype, as they called it, made February the slowest month of the year for their business.

“Valentine’s Day is a crock,” her grandmother would say. “Everyone knows that chocolates and diamonds never won fair maiden. It’s all about passion.”

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Marianne wants to spice up her marriage. After twenty years, even though she and her husband are still young, things have gotten a little stale. She decides to check out Dreams Come True, a sexy little shop specializing in lingerie and toys of the adult variety.

When she touches the silky nightie, her visceral reaction to it is immediate and undeniable, and when the gypsy woman running the store says she’s found the daily special and it’s free, Marianne’s sure she’s won the jackpot. In the middle of the night, she finds out she definitely has.



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2 Responses to The Tuesday Excerpt – Enchanted

  1. I love these hops. What a great way to discover new authors/blogs and visit with old friends.

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize!

  2. i found one and ened up with 5 and doing them all before the 14 i hope and will win something
    have great day

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