Character Interview

My new story, Enchanted, will be released next Wednesday, February 8, from Cobblestone Press. I thought you might enjoy an interview with one of the characters. Tonia’s had a crush on Jeff and James for a long time, but she’s not going to do anything about it – especially not at Valentine’s Day. But her mother, Delia, and her grandmother, Deborah, and her great-aunt, Dorothea, are going to make sure something does happen.

Josee:  Delia, so tell me a little bit about MatchMagic.

Delia:  MatchMagic is exactly what it says it is. It’s magic.

Josee:  But… You can’t mean real magic? It’s just a cute name for your website.

Delia: No, it really is magic. We – Deborah and Dorothea and I – just use the website so people think it’s just like all the other dating websites. People don’t believe in magic but they believe in websites – puh-lease. Magic’s been around for centuries, websites? Not so much. So, yes, Josee, magic is real, and yes, Josee, MatchMagic is 100% effective. I don’t care what all those other websites say on TV – they’re nowhere near as good as we are.

Josee: What made you decide to use a website to deliver your “magic”?

Delia:  How could we help it? Those ads are everywhere. Deborah sits down to watch her stories in the afternoon and she sees ads for one of the websites every half an hour. It was her idea – she may be 80 but she’s damn smart.

Josee:  But what about your daughter? She’s not too keen on the whole magic idea.

Delia:  But she’s definitely keen on James and Jeff and sometimes mother actually does  know best. That’s why we had to trick her into drinking the potion!

Josee:  I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to see how it all works out. Thanks for dropping by.

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