Breathe out poetry Tuesday


It’s quiet here
This morning

Maybe because it’s early still
No one’s out or
It’s like October rather than August
And sky and water are grey
Meeting to form only one space, one shape
Rather than two;

Or maybe because the windows are closed
To shut out the damp
Glass muffling the sound

But the reason doesn’t matter
The silence seems almost sad

Or because I have to write and
The page too waits silently
Its lined presence echoing the pewter
Grey of the sky and water,
Waiting, like them, for an impression –
A boat or a seal or a pen –
To give them meaning,
To shape them into being.


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One Response to Breathe out poetry Tuesday

  1. Romance Reader Enthusiast says:

    Loved your poem. It made me want to be by the beach (whether by the ocean or by a lake). Somewhere peaceful in order to reflect. Thank you.

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