#DD – Delicious December

Welcome to the world of Josee Renard and delicious December. Join me for two weeks of daily Christmas stories and recipes by some of your favorite writers and some writers you might want to get to know. There will be a giveaway every day from December 12 to December 25 for those who comment on the blog posts or tweet the posts using the #dd hashtag. Those who like Josee’s Facebook will receive an extra entry.  Winners will be announced each morning so check back in every day.
On December 26, there’ll be a grand prize giveaway to one person who has posted or tweeted during Delicious December.
Joining me will be:
December 12     –    Kate St. James
December 13     –    Daisy Dunn
December 14    –    Tory Richards
December 15    –    Sofia Hunt
December 16    –    Jar O’Marbles
December 17    –    Callie Croix
December 18    –    Anna Leigh Keaton
December 19    –    W. Lynn Chantale
December 20    –    eden baylee
December 21    –    Alyssa Fox
December 22    –    Robin Badillo
December 23    –    Sandy Sullivan
December 24    –    Josee Renard
December 25    –    Josee Renard and the grand finale!
Here’s hoping you a wonderful holiday season and lots of great books!
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2 Responses to #DD – Delicious December

  1. Regina Ross says:

    cant wait 🙂

  2. eden baylee says:

    Excited to be part of this, and look forward to #DD!

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