Spooktastic Extravaganza – The River

The River

The gods grant us one last summer’s day

For love.

You wear Ray-Bans, I a sleeveless shirt

The traffic on River Road feels a lifetime away.

The way to the river is littered

Leaves, of course, but trees and branches too

Ripped clean by the first autumn storm

As passion has torn through our lives,

Running amuck, tearing us from our

Carefully crafted lives to this place.

The sun warms my arms and breasts

Your cock and back

The sole witness the river

Spattered with low-lying sun

Diamonds of lust shatter between us,

Match its brilliance.

I lift the glasses from your eyes

You do not smile, nor I

Desire too fresh between us

But I see in your eyes a thousand

memories of what is to come

I touch your mouth, your eyes

To capture this moment, enslave it

For the long winter nights without you.

Post a comment below with who you think the sexiest paranormal movie/novel character is, and at the end of the week, I’ll pick at least two random winners to receive a few swag items, and be entered in to win a copy of Morteza: The Demon Next Door on October 25th.  And don’t forget to download for Erotic Nights a free anthology of paranormal themed short erotic vignettes HERE.

Last Week’s Swag Winner: Eva P!  (don’t forget to leave a way to contact you)

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One Response to Spooktastic Extravaganza – The River

  1. Regina Ross says:

    Ash from Sherrilyn Kenyons dark-hunter series 🙂


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