Spooktastic Extravaganza – Bedside Manners

February 15 – Bedside Manners

It was one thing to sleep with a man, another thing to wake up with him. I’d pretty much avoided doing that – okay, I’d completely avoided doing that – under any circumstances. The whole idea of waking up next to someone – long term relationship, short term fuck, complete stranger – gave me the heebie-jeebies. Because what would I say to him?

Oh, let me be perfectly honestly. I was a pretty good looking woman after the obligatory forty-five minutes in front of the bathroom mirror, but right out of bed? I looked like hell warmed over. Hair, face, eyes. They all looked like I’d just spent the night in hell even if I’d gone to bed early and alone.

So I was good at sneaking out in the middle of the night. Good, damn good, at excuses to avoid that one look at me in the early morning and it’s over scenario. I have to be at work really early. I can’t sleep anywhere except in my own bed. I didn’t bring anything to put my contacts in.

But this morning was different. I cracked open my eyes, rolled over and grimaced at the sun shining in the window. A warm, breathing body lay next to me. A warm, breathing body who I was pretty sure I’d fallen in love with.

Okay, Mel, today is going to be the test. You’ve been seeing him for almost three months – a lifetime in my dating career – and you’re in love with him. He’s going to see your morning face eventually. Do it now before it has the ability to break your heart in four instead of just in two.

My body lay rigid in fear. What would he think? What would he say? The minutes before he woke felt like forever. When he opened his eyes and saw me, I held my breath.

“Hi, gorgeous,” he said, pulling me to him. “Kiss me before you disappear this time, will you?” His eyes roamed over my disheveled hair and raccoon eyes. “You’re so beautiful in the morning.”

Post a comment below with who you think the sexiest paranormal movie/novel character is, and at the end of the week, I’ll pick at least two random winners to receive a few swag items, and be entered in to win a copy of Morteza: The Demon Next Door on October 24th.  And stay tuned for Erotic Nights a free anthology of paranormal themed short erotic vignettes that will be available around October 31st.

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2 Responses to Spooktastic Extravaganza – Bedside Manners

  1. Regina Ross says:

    Ash from Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark – Hunter series 🙂


  2. Eva P. says:

    One of my favorites is Angel from the Buffy and of course his own series 😉

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