Spooktastic Extravaganza – Low Tide

Low Tide

The moon waxes,

tugging at the beach

drowning tendrils of seaweed

salt the air with their dying.

Purple mussels lie rotting

too late for rescue

fought for by indiscriminate gulls,

while once-bright starfish

fade into death.

But the smell,

Oh, that smell

Abandoning the beach

the ocean leaves behind

sweet-scented memory

as you do, in my bed

brine and semen and

too-rich life.

Laying with you

the room fills with the sea

lingering on the sheets

on my skin

a reminder of your absence.

And when I walk the beach

I smell you

and me


Post a comment below with what you think the spookiest/creepiest line from a movie or book is and at the end of the week, I’ll pick at least two random winners to receive a few swag items, and be entered in to win a copy of Morteza: The Demon Next Door on October 24th.  And stay tuned for Erotic Nights a free anthology of paranormal themed short erotic vignettes that will be available around October 31st.

*****Last Week’s Winner is Regina Ross– Please contact my assistant at info at jaromarbles dot com with a way to contact you.

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