Spooktastic Extravaganza – The Intruder

The Intruder

 Saturday night and Lawrence is waiting. He’s been promised a surprise tonight and, even though it’s already almost midnight and he should be in bed and asleep so he can get up for work in the morning, he’s sure his mom wouldn’t forget. She never forgets anything as he knows to his occasional despair and pretty much permanent discomfort.

She remembers what he did when he was five and when he was seven and when he was fifteen. She remembers him coming home from school with a page full of demerits and him coming home from college to admit to her that he was gay.

She remembers when he started work at C-FOX and remembers the first time his weekend morning show got top city ratings. She remembers all the good things and every single damn one of the bad things. She’s an indiscriminate rememberer.

He’s sitting on the couch, lights out. A faint sound catches his attention. He listens carefully. It’s the sound of the window in the bedroom opening – what in the hell is she up to? He waits. He hears a soft curse as whoever it is trips over something on the floor – probably his discarded towel – and then the sound of the bathroom door banging against the wall.

He covers his mouth so he won’t laugh and spoil the surprise. God, Mom, he thinks, what have you gotten me into? He knows it’s a man, the voice was too deep for a woman. And there’s nothing his mother wants more than for him to fall in love. “Before I die, honey, I want you to be happy.” Lawrence wouldn’t be surprised if he died before her – she was a going concern and a half.

The floorboard in the hallway creaked. Whatever his surprise, whoever his surprise, it would be in his living room in seconds. He waited for the squeak of the board beside the couch and then flipped on the light beside him.

“Lawrence?” The man with the black mask gasped his name.

“Frederick?” Lawrence would recognize that voice anywhere. They’d had a thing a few years ago but neither of them was ready for a relationship and they’d drifted apart. They hadn’t seen each other since. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here? I was hired to sing for some senior citizen’s birthday party and the woman who hired me told me to sneak in through the bathroom.”

“My mother,” Lawrence sighed. “And what were you thinking listening to her?”

“Well, I wouldn’t, would I, if I’d known she was your mother?”

Lawrence grinned and Frederick grinned back. “Yeah, you’ve heard enough about her to avoid getting involved in her schemes.” He patted the cushion next to him. “I’ll kill her in the morning, okay?”

“Perfect,” Frederick said as he sat down next to Lawrence, his thigh tight against him. “Kill her in the morning.”

Post a comment below with your favorite spooky story or movie, and at the end of the week, I’ll pick at least two random winners to receive a few swag items, and be entered in to win a copy of Morteza: The Demon Next Door on October 24th.  And stay tuned for Erotic Nights a free anthology of paranormal themed short erotic vignettes that will be available around October 31st.

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2 Responses to Spooktastic Extravaganza – The Intruder

  1. Regina Ross says:

    my favorite spooky movie is The Amityville Horror 🙂

  2. Eva P. says:

    My favorite spooky story is of La Llorana, somewhat of a Mexican folklore story…basically woman comes back from the dead to claim your oldest child, sorry I forget all the particulars been a while since I heard the story…but you can imagine how spooked I was since I’m the oldest sibling ;-o

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