The Tuesday Excerpt – Kiss Lonely Goodbye

And now, an excerpt from the next in my Part Time Lovers series, should be available on the seventh.

Mercy and Jules sat on cracked leather stools at the otherwise empty bar, looking out at the sun blazing red as it fell into the ocean. Each night it was setting earlier. Each night felt as if the summer were slipping away.

Jules laughed out loud at his musings. He’d had a good summer. Part Time Lovers was doing really well, Mercy wasn’t cranky anymore, and he’d spent an amazing night with Jeanne.

But he’d always dreaded the autumn.

There was just something about the dark evenings that he didn’t like. He preferred even the rainy days of spring to the cooler, darker days of the fall. Jules would be spending most of his time at Part Time Lovers for the next three months. He’d rather be inside looking at a computer screen than outside on the damp, gloomy city streets.

Besides, if last year was any indication, these months leadings up to Christmas would be their busiest of the year. He and Mercy had talked about hiring an assistant, but they weren’t quite ready for that yet. Jules was happy to put in the extra hours. They could worry about extra help in the new year.

“Funny,” he said, turning to Mercy. “We’re making more money than we ever have in our lives, and when was the last time you spent any of it?”

“Yesterday?” she laughed. “I just haven’t got out to the mall today.”

“I wasn’t talking about your shopping addiction. I meant any money on something you really wanted.”

“I really wanted that pair of shoes I bought yesterday.” She raised her feet off the brass rail and admired the turquoise sandals she wore.

Jules snorted. “A vacation? A new car? A piece of furniture?”

Mercy grinned. “Cabs are better than a new car, especially with the new drunk driving laws. Two glasses of wine and I could lose my license. I’d rather walk.”

Jules took a sip of the beer he had in his hand and nodded. “I’d rather walk, too. It’s just that we’re making so much money, and almost all of it is still sitting in my bank account.”

“Most of mine is sitting in my walk-in closet and on my bookshelves. I’d rather spend my money on clothes and shoes and books. You’re the one who needs a vacation, not me. I can handle things here if you want to go away for a week or two.”

Jules sighed and shook his head. Ennui, he thought, I’m suffering from ennui, and turned back to his drink. He’d focus on work. That always helped.

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