Let’s take a walk – Week 1

Part Time Lovers is as immersed in Vancouver as it is in the lives of Jules and Mercy, of the people who go to the website and find the right person for right now. Every one of the stories goes somewhere in Vancouver – a hotel, a restaurant, a coffee shop or a walk on the beach.

Today, I want to take you on a walk on the neighborhood around the offices of Part Time Lovers. You can see what Jules and Mercy see every single day.

And then, every couple of weeks, I’ll take you on another walk to show you other parts of Vancouver that shows up in the stories.

Here’s the Hotel Vancouver – now known as the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – but I’ll always remember it simply as the Hotel Vancouver. We used to spend a lot of time at The Roof, a bar and dance floor and restaurant on the top floor (see those windows right under the roof?). It’s no longer there but Part Time Lovers has taken over that whole floor. They have great views of the city!

Above is Hornby Street,  the street both Jules and Mercy take to get to work – on the right is the Hotel Vancouver and also Glass City Coffee – where Shea works – and where both Jules and Mercy buy their coffee, especially Jules because of his crush on Shea.

This is the view across the street from Glass City Coffee – the side entrance to the Vancouver Art Gallery. As you can tell, the corner is filled with old buildings that have been kept beautifully over the years.

This is Hornby Street going south. Jules lives on the water to the east – False Creek and Yaletown, the hottest new neighborhood in the city – and Mercy lives in the heart of the West End to the west. Both of them walk this street all the time and it’s beautiful in the summer – as you can see – and in the fall – as you’ll see later.

This is a courtyard across the street from the Hotel Vancouver and Part Time Lovers. It’s surrounded by a beautiful old church – which I’ll show you later – an office building and another art gallery. Jules and Mercy both use it as a place to relax in and many Vancouverites use it as a place to have their wedding photos taken. It’s very peaceful any time of the year.

The picture at the top of my blog is also of Vancouver – and yes, a big part of it is new and glass – maybe that’s why I’m trying to show that the whole city isn’t like this, that stones and trees also exist in the city.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll take another walk and take a look at some of the hotels and restaurants the characters in the stories go to – and if there’s something you’ve read about and would like to see (and if I didn’t make it up!), I’ll wander out and post a photo for you.

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