Introducing Part Time Lovers

Part Time Lovers:  Ten erotic stories, starting in August and ending in December, all linked through the Part Time Lovers website. Starting next week, you’ll get excerpts from each story.
The offices are at the very top of this hotel.
Welcome to Part Time Lovers
            This is your invitation to play, to experiment, to fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasy or get down and dirty – and then walk away. No regrets, no recriminations, no rules.
           We  want  you to make the rules for your encounter. There are no forms to complete, no wish lists, no compatibility tests. Just jump right in. Part Time Lovers is about hooking up with the right person for right now.
           We know your desires change—maybe even from one day to the next—because ours do. We created this Website to accommodate every single one of your desires.
This week you might want a quick fuck; next week that high school fantasy or the hot vampire you just read about in your favorite book. Part Time Lovers is the place for you to find your dream lover.
           So come on in. Someone is waiting for you.

            Mercy and Jules

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