I’m no techno-geek.

First, I should start by saying, adamantly, that I am not a techno-geek. I can figure out most tech-y things if I take the time, but honestly? I’d rather take that time and read a good book, go for a walk, talk to a friend, drink a glass of wine or simply hang out. Maybe learn to speak French or play backgammon.
I’m a person who’d rather read a paper book than an ebook. I’d rather listen to a whole CD than a track on an iPod. I’d rather talk on a landline than on my cell phone. I would have been happy to stick with WordPerfect rather than switching to Word and will, almost certainly, never compose a whole novel on the computer. I like my yellow recycled pads and my black gel pen.
I love email – it’s one of my favorite things. But I want my old Yahoo back! I don’t want have to rethink and redo everything because some true computer nerd thinks of a better or more interesting or cooler way to use his email so I have to learn a new language. I want my old version of Internet Explorer back. IE1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 8 worked fine for me. I don’t want to have to switch to Vista (though I’m much happier – as is most of the world – with Windows7). But I was happy with Windows98 – that worked for me.
I don’t use the calendar on my phone or my computer – I use a paper calendar. And I love it – one of the reasons I love it as I can see everything at once, and I can carry it with me. I don’t have to scroll through ten items to get to the one I care about.
And no, I’m not a Luddite. I understand how useful technology is, I use it every single day. And yes, each time a technology does an upgrade, there’s always (with the exception of Vista) something about it I like better. But not enough better to make the time I’ve spent to switch to the new version worth my while.
I wish, I guess, that there was a choice, that I could choose – at some point in my life – to stick with what works for me. Kind of like we choose a life partner, a city to live in, a job we love, friends who are the best in the world. I’d like to change at my own pace, choose at my own pace, make decisions about what works for me.
In the end, I think I like paper because it turns out to be art. My art. My calendar is like a palimpsest of what I plan and what I end up doing. What I do consistently and what I change. What I like doing – and what I hate doing. My yellow pad and gel pen are not just the way I get the words on the page but the way I seethe words on the page. When I make changes, when I insert or delete something, that not only changes the word, it changes the paper. And I love that.
What about you?
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2 Responses to I’m no techno-geek.

  1. Tessa says:

    I am not either. techonology is good, of course, and I adore people that are good using it. I’m certainly not.

  2. joseerenard says:

    Tessa, I’m with you. It’s kind of like people who can play the clarinet or who can climb mountains in the Tour de France. I admire them, but I’ never going to catch up with them.


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