The places of Part Time Lovers

The Vancouver Art Gallery sits right across the street from the majestic Hotel Vancouver – which is where Jules and Mercy of Part Time Lovers have their office. They can look out and down and there it is – the grey stone matching the color of the hotel. The art gallery building, once the home of the British Columbia Courthouse, was designed by Francis Rattenbury and built in 1905. Recently, the Art Gallery has been doing something I absolutely love. They are taking the art from inside and putting it outside. This summer the surrealist exhibit shows its face to the world – two or three stories high.
The Hotel Vancouver from the front, though Jules and Mercy mostly enter from the east side through a door right across the street from the Art Gallery.
Over the next few months, as Part Time Lovers rolls out, I’ll be showing you pictures of Vancouver that are part of each story.
And then, a little way down the street from Part Time Lovers, is the Birks Building. It contains one of the best jewelry stores in Vancouver – as a young woman, all I could think about was buying a ring at Birks and taking it home in the silver ring box. I’ve actually never bought anything there – maybe it’s time. This is the building in the evening –
Just a little
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  1. Oh wow the pictures look great…Thank you for posting them..

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