Interview with Cara Bristol

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How does your day go? What keeps you writing?

I’m fortunate that writing is my only career and I work from home. I write seven days a week. Mornings are my best time to work, but I’ll write anytime inspiration strikes. Up by 6 a.m., I read the paper and have a cup of coffee and then write for a few hours. In the afternoon, I’ll spend a few more hours at the computer. If I’m hot on a WIP, I might write eight hours a day. In between writing shifts, I do various household chores, run errands, read, and walk. Writing is sedentary so I make exercise a priority. I wear a pedometer to ensure I walk 10,000 steps every day (for me that’s about 4.25 miles).

2. What brought you to writing erotica? What do you love about it?

I would describe my books more as erotic romance, although my short stories could be classified as erotica. I’m not always sure where the line between the two is and I think I cross over a lot. I started writing erotic fiction because sex is interesting to me. LOL. As a teenager I would reread the sex parts in romance novels. Writing erotic romance is fun. Plain and simple.

3. What are you working on now?

My third erotic romance, Unexpected Consequences is in editing with Loose Id. Unexpected Consequences is about a naïve newlywed whose husband belongs to a secret organization of men who spank their wives. In addition, I’m working on a sequel to Unexpected Consequences and I write erotic short stories for Red Lipstick Journals, an online magazine available for Kindle and Nook. I’m also actively promoting my first two erotic romances, Intimate Submission and Secret Desires, which were published Black Velvet Seductions. Both are available as individual ebooks or together in the ebook and print anthology, Spanked!

4. What is your—or your character’s—favorite erotic book? Sexy movie? Sex toy?

I hesitate to single out books because I have many favorites for different reasons. That said, two pop into my mind: Wicked Ties by Shayla Black and Training the Receptionist by Juniper Bell. After reading Wicked Ties I thought, “that’s how it should be done.” Training the Receptionist, also a five star read, is erotic and funny. It was a delight to read.

My favorite sex toy is one I invented in my erotic short story, “Mightier than the Sword,” published on Red Lipstick Journals. The toy doesn’t really exist, but it should! I can’t tell you what it is because that would spoil the story.

5. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do? The top thing on your personal bucket list?

I would like to visit all fifty states (I’ve been to thirty-eight) and all seven continents (I’ve been to four).

6. What’s your personal romantic (or erotic) fantasy?

I find the idea of being the center of attention and having the man focus on the woman’s pleasure very seductive. I also think a touch of taboo heightens the fantasy. I try to include those two concepts in my fiction.

My links:!/carabristol!/profile.php?id=100000979218908

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5 Responses to Interview with Cara Bristol

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you for the interview, Josee!

  2. KT BISHOP says:

    okay, interesting interview

  3. *lol* Now I have to know what Mightier than the sword is!!! Great interview, beautiful!

  4. Blak Rayne says:

    Very nice interview – loved it Cara! All the best!

  5. You’re an interesting lady, Cara. And for Brindle; a while ago the Dialy Telegraph in London published a headline on an article about Nixon’s China policy, at a time of union discontent. The headline read ‘PENIS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD SAYS NIXON’ . I like that; union activistsm by losing the odd space.

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