A closer walk with Patsy Cline

I am a huge fan of Patsy Cline. If I’m traveling in the car, I might play my favorite CD (this exact one) five or six times in a row. I know every inflection of her voice on every song. I know it’s not possible to actually wear out a CD but if it were? This is the one I’d wear out.

I grew up listening to country music – my mom and dad were both big fans – so along with Patsy, I listened to Jim Reeves (another of my favorite CDs is Patsy and Jim together), Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins. The list is endless.

But Patsy is my favorite. My dear friend and wonderful musician Perry Dickison (this is him – isn’t he adorable?) always plays my Patsy Cline song almost the minute I walk in the door when I drop into a hotel bar or a restaurant – I have his schedule memorized – to listen to him. You Belong to Me is a song that soothes me when I need soothing, cheers me up when I need it, lets me sing or cry along with it when necessary. She’s my hero.

So when the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver decided to do the play, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, I was probably the first person in line to buy tickets. I’ll tell you all about it after June 20. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.


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