Read an excerpt – The Pleasure Club: The nun

If you read last week’s Read an excerpt Tuesday blog, you’ll know I was kind of new at this whole erotica game. I’d written one short story – The Pleasure Club: The Nymph and I really enjoyed writing it. Once I knew I could write erotica, I gave Anna Leigh a bunch of titles (which she liked) for The Pleasure Club and I decided to write The Nun next.
As always, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to write an erotic fantasy called the Nun but I just sat down and started writing – once I had the first sentence, of course, which is the first and crucial thing for me to start anything – whether it’s a short story, a novella or a novel. The first sentence gets my fingers going.
Here’s a short excerpt from The Nun:

    It was time.

    He’d harbored this decidedly unhealthy obsession for far too many years. It wasn’t as if he’d been brought up in the Church, but when he thought about it, maybe that was the root cause.

    His best friend Geoffrey had gone to Catholic school. Although he hadn’t been Catholic either, his mother had decided that he’d get a better education there. He couldn’t argue with that—Geoffrey was the smartest man he knew. But Geoffrey had no such obsession.

    Actually, Jake blamed the whole thing on Geoffrey. If he hadn’t waited outside of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows every single day of his life, he wouldn’t have seen them, flowing by in the full length black gowns—this was back in the days before they de-formalized their dress—and their beautiful, serene faces framed in the cleanest of whites.

    At ten, he’d spent most of his time wondering what their hair looked like.

    Were they bald?

    He found that idea incredibly stimulating long before he had any idea of what an erection really was.

    By the time he was fourteen, his imagination was going quite a bit further.

    He was picturing—courtesy of an extremely vivid imagination and his father’s Playboy magazines—just what was under those gowns. In colorful and increasingly erotic detail.

    Other women, women without the mystery, had played a part in his life even as a teenager, after he was a teenage boy. But they’d never stuck—neither to him or with him. And he regretted that.

    He wanted a woman in his life. Hell, he’d even been thinking about the possibility of marriage. And children. But those things were never going to happen if he didn’t get over the nun thing.

    His friends Geoffrey and Calliope had told him, in strictest confidence, of the way they’d met. The Pleasure Club had brought them together and, breaking several of the Club’s rules in the process, they had found each other again after their one night together, and they had stayed together.

    When he watched them, he knew he wanted that love, that closeness for himself.

    But none of it would happen until he got over his obsession.

If you’re interested in reading the whole story, you can buy it here:

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