The many forms of lust.

I’ve been in the art business on or off for most of my grown-up life and over those years I’ve collected a whole lot of art, from paintings to sculpture to photographs to prints. For me it’s not about cost or artist, it’s about lust. Some people call it love, me, I call it lust.
I lust after certain things, okay, many things. I lust after men, and occasionally women, of course, but I also lust after books and clothes and jewelry and furniture and new towels and… The list is endless. But there doesn’t seem to be, at least that I can figure out, a constant reason why it is I lust for a specific item. And that’s especially true of art.
This painting is one of a series of paintings by a French painter, Claude Weisbuch (if you’re interested in checking him out further, go to I love the movement, the color, the attention to detail of this piece, but what I love even more is the title – and I think that is what made me lust after it enough to buy it when I really couldn’t afford it. I guess that’s another part of my lust – I will, if the lust sticks with me, do whatever it takes (almost) to get it.
The title of this painting is L’ange est venu ce soir. I may be spelling this incorrectly (my reading of French is much better than my writing of it), but it means the angel comes this evening. The angel is the musician’s muse and she’s there, giving him what he needs to play his violin. I think of Weisbuch’s angel as one of my muses.
This isn’t the only painting I’ve bought over the years because I loved the title. And I buy books sometimes because I love the cover. I don’t always lust after things normally, I guess. I lust after particular men because… Well, who knows why? The other day I was on Granville Island and I saw a Japanese man, maybe 60 or 65, walking with his wife. He was attractive, but what made me lust after him was the way he held his cigarette. I don’t smoke, but I didn’t care. Just that single gesture got me going…
What do you lust after? And why?
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2 Responses to The many forms of lust.

  1. Jar O' Marbles says:

    I lust mostly after books…and good chocolate. And men…manly men, not a fan of baby-faced boys. Rough, tumble scruffy men, like Javier Bardem or Gerard Butler.

    oh and I also lust after notebooks and journals, I collect them like magpie collects shiny objects.

  2. Josee Renard says:

    Jar O’Marbles – I’m with you about books, though not chocolate. Definitely potato chips for me. But the manly men? Absolutely.


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