On Tuesdays I’m going to let you get a glimpse of what I’m writing. You’ll get to read short excerpts of my work and I thought I’d begin at the beginning, begin when I first started writing erotica. At the time, I didn’t realize that was what I was doing. Looking back on it, it’s pretty clear that I was.

It all began many years ago with a man, now long gone. He was, for all sorts of reasons, mostly away, and so I wrote about him. I wrote about sex, really, and it came out as poetry. Here’s the poem I consider to be the start of my erotica writing career.


Sweet juice drips from my hand
Lips follow fruit to your mouth
Savor the delicate tastes
And you
Until our eyes glaze with passion

The knife slides through ripe flesh
Exposes life
Leaves a wound, deep and clean and fine
I remember the first time you loved me
The first time with
A too-sharp blade
So I barely felt the sting

That day I touched your hand
Warm in the cool autumn air and
Was lost to the world, to
Everything but you.
The room lay dark and silent
Waiting for a kiss to light it
To give passion a voice

I opened my eyes, knowing only
The gentle rasp of hair against my hands
The smell and feel of you
The taste of your lips on mine
Stars shining on your face

The knife drops from my hand
As you reach for me
The mango still sweet on our tongues

I think every piece of erotica I’ve written sprang from this short poem. Interesting to look back on it, to see where it all began.


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5 Responses to Mango..

  1. Jar O' Marbles says:

    I might need a cold shower after reading that.

  2. eden baylee says:

    Fab piece about my favorite fruit!

    I was once asked by a TV reporter for the Food Network what fruit I liked best, and why.

    My response:
    ” Mango, because it juicy, sweet, and exotic.”

    Hmm…maybe I was thinking about a man too?


  3. Josee Renard says:

    Annette – I did when I wrote it!


  4. Josee Renard says:

    Eden – yeah, there’s just something about mango, all slippery and juicy and sweet. It’s a toss between figs and mangos for me. Guess it just depends on the day – or the guy.


  5. Josee Renard says:

    Eden, mmmmm, mangos. Sweet, juicy and slippery – can’t ask for more than that.


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